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Established in 1990, China TianLe Led&light Products Co., Ltd. a professional manufacturer and wholesaler of an extensive range of led products, lights, torches, backlights, spotlights, bulbs, lamps and lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor, domestic and industrial uses. With investment 50 millions, we own standard workhouse over 65,000 square meters, and our turnover exceeds 2 million annually.

With much experience in the diode field, we also can now supply led products including led displays, dot matrix displays, light bars, led back lights, remote controllers and photoelectric switches. These products are widely used in elevators, office equipment, meters, cameras, home appliances, motors, traffic control devices, and related applications. Yearly output capability is over 100,000,000 LED lamps and 5,000,000 LED application products, and the yearly production value is nearly 1 million pieces.

Our company has been adopting scientific and workable management, it leads our products to be better quality and more novel. We have recieved both ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification and most of our products are certificated by CE, BS, UL, GS, ROHS, KEMA-KEUR. As well, our professional technicians will control the quality and lead time well, our shipping department can offer fast delivery, and you will meet the best sale season in our market well. Moreover, Our QC department employees are able to offer you good device as SGS audit standard.

All our products sell well in Europe, North America and Asia market including UK, USA, France, Italy, Germany, Japan and so on. We are equipped with modern facilities, advanced technology and outstanding management and are pleased to be able to offer our clients not only outstanding products but also technical support and OEM/custom manufacturing capabilities.

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